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Introduction of the Transatlantic AI eXchange

Press Release

April 14th 2021 – Launch of Transatlantic AI eXchange. A new German-US platform for advancing and harnessing AI disruption

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What We Do – The Mission of Transatlantic AI eXchange

The Transatlantic AI eXchange is a platform that aims at accelerating and expanding the global economic, social and academic leadership of the US and Germany in the human-machine economy.

Through webinars, workshops, conferences and one-to-one coachings, the Transatlantic AI eXchange fosters exchange on AI and creates the grounds for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and policymakers to build long-term partnerships. Thereby, the Transatlantic AI eXchange supports the ambitions of the German government’s $6 billion “AI made in Germany” strategy and the US calls for “techno-democracies” to join forces globally.

Why Transatlantic AI eXchange

Harnessing AI disruptions through collaboration

This building momentum requires a platform for the USA and Germany to stimulate and coordinate this cooperation: The Transatlantic AI eXchange.

The aim of this series is to stimulate exchange on AI between actors from both sides of the Atlantic and provide fertile grounds for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and policy makers to build long term partnerships.

Flows of data, compute power, talent and capital, the prerequisites for AI research and commercialization, align with geographic boundaries only incidentally, not fundamentally. Therefore, to reap the benefits of AI while minimizing its inherent risks, governments, research institutions and technology companies must work together. The need for global collaboration is also reflected in the ambitions of the German and US governments. Germany has created a conducive policy framework at government level to promote AI as a national priority. This includes the “AI made in Germany” strategy, which is closely intertwined with the EU’s AI policy as well as the regional AI governance frameworks and data strategies. The USA, formerly a pioneer in the development of AI strategies, is currently undergoing a promising realignment under the Biden administration around AI. American companies need new access to the EU’s slowly integrating digital market after Brexit, a function that Germany is well positioned to fill. And given the role of some Silicon Valley firms in degrading trust in the digital economy, private-public partnerships with European players could yield much-needed innovative solutions for protecting privacy and securing agencies and preventing bias. Therefore, to reap the benefits of AI and minimizing its inherent risks, governments, research institutions and technology companies must work together.

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Venture Capital funding for AI Start-ups: Challenges & Opportunities in Germany and the US
AI Adoption in the Healthcare Sector
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The Autonomous “Robo Car”- (near) future or just a pipe dream?
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How Transatlantic Research at ICSI – UC Berkeley sparks German Start-Ups
Values Create Value – An Entrepreneurial Perspective on Innovation and Success
Values Create Value – An Entrepreneurial Perspective on Innovation and Success
Innovation Start-up Hubs & Programs - Same Objectives Different Approaches
Innovation Start-up Hubs & Programs – Same Objectives Different Approaches
How to Tap into the Silicon Valley Ecosystem
How to Tap into the Silicon Valley Ecosystem – Lessons From Experts and Entrepreneurs Who Have Successfully Done It


Meet our experts who support and advise the Transatlantic AI eXchange.

Jeremy Abbett
Jeremy Abbett

• Organisational Innovation & Product Strategy
• Creative Evangelist Google
• Advisor and Founding Faculty future/IO Institute

Joerg Bienert
Joerg Bienert

• President and Founding Member KI Bundesverband
• CEO & Founder aiso-lab
• Data & AI Keynote Speaker at Alexander Thamm GmbH

Hans-Christian Boos
Hans-Christian Boos

• Founder of arago
• Member of the Digital Council of the Federal Government of Germany
• Author of many academic and business publications, focusing on artificial intelligence, computer networks, IT

Mark Caine
Mark Caine

• Lead for AI and Machine Learning at the World Economic Forum
• Senior policy roles at the African Union Commission and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Cindy Chin
Cindy Chin

• COO & Co-founder CLIPr
• CEO CLC Advisors
• NASA Datanaut & Mentor, Office of CIO, Technology & Innovation

Prof. Dr. De Kai
Prof. Dr. De Kai

• Focus on Machine learning of the cognitive relationships between different languages
• Distinguished Research Scholar at UC Berkeley’s International Computer Science Institute

Robin Farmanfarmaian
Robin Farmanfarmaian

• Professional Speaker in healthcare technology
• Entrepreneur in device, pharma and AI
• Advisor to MindMaze and Alacrity Care

Prof. Dr. Olaf Groth
Prof. Dr. Olaf Groth

• CEO & Founder of Cambrian Futures
• Professor at HULT International Business School
• Professional Faculty at Berkeley Haas

Ingo Hoffmann
Ingo Hoffmann

• Managing Director AI.HAMBURG
• Advisor for the German Government in AI
• Member Global Partnership on AI (GPAI)

Lin Kayser
Lin Kayser

• CEO at Hyperganic Group
• Chairman Advanced Manufacturing Council at European Technology Chamber

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krueger
Prof. Dr. Antonio Krueger

• Professor of Computer Science at Saarland University
• CEO/Director at DFKI GmbH

Ragnar Kruse
Ragnar Kruse

• Founding Partner AI.FUND
• Founder AI.HAMBURG
• Co-Founder AI.INVEST

Thomas Neubert
Thomas Neubert

• Datacenter/AI Business Innovation Office at Intel, Founder/Evangelist Transatlantic AI eXchange
• Chairman BoD, GABA

Cyriac Roeding
Cyriac Roeding

• CEO & Co-Founder Earli inc.
• Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder at Roeding Ventures

Rasmus Rothe
Rasmus Rothe

• Founder at Merantix
• Founding Member KI Bundesverband
• Ph.D ETH Zurich
• Master of Engineering Princeton

Richard Socher
Richard Socher

• CEO of
• Investor, Founder at Socher Sky Ventures
• Before: Stanford Adj. Prof.
• Chief Scientist at Salesforce

Prof. Dr. Andreas Timm-Giel
Prof. Dr. Andreas Timm-Giel

• President Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
• Head of the Institute for Communication Networks at the TUHH

Petra Vorsteher
Petra Vorsteher

• Founder AI.HAMBURG
• Co-Founder AI.INVEST
• Founding Partner AI.FUND

Petra Vorsteher
Prof. Dr. Helmut Schönenberger

• Geschäftsführer / Chief Executive Officer
• UnternehmerTUM GmbH


The Transatlantic AI eXchange initiative was founded and is organized by a partnership of Thomas Neubert and AI.HAMBURG. Early leading Partners are the German American Business Association of California (GABA) in San Francisco, USA, and the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI).

Thomas Neubert | Datacenter/AI Business Innovation Office, Intel, Founder/Evangelist Transatlantic AI eXchange |

Thomas is Executive Director Strategic Business Development & Innovation @ Intel Datacenter Incubation Group, is building new, transformative lines of business as potential new revenue sources. Adopting the venture capital playbook to form new IOUs (independent operating units) that act like start-up companies and facilitate their success in an agile, fail-fast environment. He built a global sales team, focused on scaling and accelerating time-to-market Artificial Intelligence solutions. He established an validation program giving global leading application and algo developers access to new silicon/platform technologies. Since moving from Germany to Silicon Valley in 1991 Thomas spent 20+ years building up international subsidiaries and domestic start-ups from ppt to IPO. As VP/GM at Deutsche Telekom he led the North America activities for innovative partnering. Thomas is founding member and Chair of GABA “German American Business Association” and also co-founder and coach of SVMC “Silicon Valley Marathon Club”.

Dr. Olaf Groth | Cambrian, Hult and UC Berkeley |

Olaf is a global strategist, founder, professor, adviser and speaker focused on technology disruption and discontinuities in the global economy. He is founding CEO of the advisory thinktank Cambrian Futures and concept development firm Cambrian Designs, Professor for Strategy, Innovation, Economics and Futures at Hult International Business School, Professional Faculty for Strategy, Technology and Business & Public Policy at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a Global Network Member at the World Economic Forum. For the past 25 years Olaf has held leadership roles in global enterprises, consultancies and academia. A frequent speaker, commentator and author in media outlets he is also co-author of Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines with Dr. Mark Nitzberg (paperback “The AI Generation: Shaping Our Global Future With Thinking Machines in July 2021), and of the forthcoming book The Great Remobilization: Designing A Smarter World with Drs. Mark Esposito and Terence Tse.

Petra Vorsteher | AI.HAMBURG, AI.INVEST, AI.FUND, ECIU, GABA, AI4Germany |

Petra is the founder of AI.HAMBURG, co-founder of AI.INVEST and founding partner of AI.FUND, and one of the first women globally to co-found a global mobile company in 2005 where she has been successful in growing Smaato to become one of the largest independent mobile companies in the world. Prior to her career in mobile she was a pioneer in e-commerce. As founding member of Intershop in 1996, Petra was instrumental in growing the company from a start-up to a publicly listed company with a market cap of $12Billion. Petra has over 30 years of business experience in the US, Europe and Asia. As a Silicon Valley veteran, Petra is one of the best globally networked women executives. She was appointed Hamburg Ambassador to San Francisco by the Governor and First Mayor of Hamburg and serves as International Ambassador of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). She is GABA Chair for AI, International board member of Hamburg@work and a member of the Committee for Innovation and Research at the HHCC. She is with AI.HAMBURG co-founder of the initiative AI4Germany and is on the board of the ECIU university The European Consortium of Innovative Universities.

Ingo Hoffmann | AI.HAMBURG, AI4Germany, GPAI|

Ingo is a successful manager with 30 years experience in the Enterprise Software Business. He held senior management positions in companies such as SAP and IBM, startups and non-profit organizations. In recent years, he has intensively dealt with the topics of innovation, digital transformation and the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in companies. He worked in the IBM Watson Health division, supported the Tübingen AI Competence Center and the Cyber Valley Initiative ( as a strategic consultant and general manager and was active in the applied AI initiative ( of UnternehmerTUM as Head of AI Ecosystem. He was one of the initiators of the AI4Germany initiative (ai4 and supports the German Government in the development of the German AI Strategy. In 2020 he was nominated by the German Government to join the Global Partnership on AI ( As a member of the board of directors of ADI Innovation AG ( he advises founders, managers, financial investors and public institutions in the field of new technologies and the use of AI. As managing director of AI.HAMBURG he promotes the transfer and use of AI in companies in Hamburg and Northern Germany. He is active as an early stage investor in AI Startups and is running his own Consulting Business and Blog.

Oliver Gottfried | AI.FUND, Stanford, Tsinghua, GABA |

Oliver is a Business Development & Investment Manager at AI.FUND and worked for HongDao Capital, a Chinese AI-focused Venture Capital firm where he was responsible for AI-based investments. He is a Postdoctoral researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), researching AI-based investments. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University, doing research on cross-border BD strategies for AI-related computer vision VC investments. Oliver received his PhD in Engineering from Tsinghua University, focusing on BD strategies for Deep Learning-related VC/PE investments in China. He speaks fluent Chinese. Oliver is Program Director for the Transatlantic AI eXchange as well as an Intel Ignite & German Accelerator Mentor for AI-driven start-ups in the manufacturing & greentech sector.

Robin Farmanfarmaian | Serial founder of AI Startups |

Robin is a professional speaker and entrepreneur working in cutting edge tech poised to impact 100M people or more. Robin has been involved with over 20 early stage biotech and healthcare startups from curing cancer to digital health. She is an advisor to MindMaze, a BCI-AI company focusing on VR for 9 neuro conditions, including stroke and brain injury. She is also an advisor to AlacrityCare, remote patient monitoring and data analytics for oncology. With over 160 speaking engagements in 15 countries, she educates audiences on technology, healthcare, artificial intelligence, the shift in healthcare delivery to the patient’s home and building thought leadership. She has 3 published books: “The Patient as CEO”; “The Thought Leader Formula”; and “Facilitating Virtual Events”.

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