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A Podcast by the Transatlantic AI eXchange

The Podcast on a mission to transcend geographical, political, and technological barriers in the development of artificial intelligence, making it a universally beneficial tool integrated into global problem-solving efforts.

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Thomas Neubert

A seasoned executive with a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Known as an evangelist, a builder, a super connector and AI-influencer.


Episode 1 - State of AI in Europe - with Fabian Westerheide

Let’s be honest….exploring the implications of the EU AI Act on the European AI ecosystem and assessing the current state of AI in Europe. This discussion also considers strategies to enhance transatlantic cooperation between Europe and the US. Furthermore, we will evaluate whether Europe can use AI to secure a sector-specific global leadership position.

Guest - Fabian Westerheide

CEO & Founder @ Rise of AI | Founding Partner @ AI Fund | Managing Partner @ Asgard Capital

Episode 2 - The Big Flip:  How GenAI will be turning data-driven business models on their heads - with Olaf Groth

Examining core deficiencies in our digital economy: The absence of explicit ownership rights and transparent trading mechanisms for data as a currency results in significantly inefficient value allocation economically. Olaf offers insights and foresights on AI and emerging technologies to ensure effective transformations. Learn more about his two books on AI developers and AI data and the concept of the BouncerBot.

Guest - Olaf Groth

CEO - | Prof of Practice - UC Berkeley Haas School of Business | Author | Speaker

Episode 3 - AI Index 2024: Unveiling the Landscape of Artificial Intelligence - with Nestor Maslej

Dive into the seventh edition of the AI Index report, the most detailed analysis yet, at a critical time when AI’s impact on society is at its peak. This year’s report expands to cover key trends including technological advancements, public perceptions, and the geopolitical dynamics of AI. With more original data than ever, the report introduces new estimates on AI training costs, explore the responsible AI landscape, and launch a new chapter on AI’s influence in science and medicine. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of AI’s complex field, backed by unbiased and rigorously vetted data, essential for policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in the future of AI.

Guest - Nestor Maslej

Research Manager at Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)

Episode 4 - AI and the Music Industry: Evolution, Impact, and Future Predictions - with Daniel Rowland

Exploring the dynamic intersection of AI and the music industry. We’ll start by examining the public’s initial reactions to early AI innovators like LANDR and discuss whether the concerns from a decade ago have materialized. Delve into the various domains where AI is currently being harnessed, highlighting some of the most notable companies and products reshaping the music landscape. We’ll also assess the impact of AI-powered tools on different facets of the music industry—from fans and creators to production music houses and tech companies. Furthermore, we’ll differentiate between what people genuinely desire from AI in music versus what is merely making headlines.

Guest - Daniel Rowland

Head of Strategy & Partnerships at LANDR Audio, Engineer/Producer (Oscar-winning, Grammy-nom stuff), Co-Founder, Professor

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 5 - End of Enterprise SaaS? Navigating the GenAI Shift for VCs and Founders - with Marco Marinucci

Exploring internal corporate dynamics and investment strategies towards startups. We will dissect the fundamentals that contribute to an impressive investment track record. The underlying principles are straightforward yet impactful. Additionally, we will provide founders with advice on capturing investor attention and strategies for defining a general AI product in a market dominated by platform owners who control customer access.

Guest - Marco Marinucci

General Partner - Essentia Ventures | ex. Founding MP Hella Ventures

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 6 - Insights how executives gain AI knowhow to lead transformation - with Gregory La Blanc

An in-depth analysis of historical technological innovations and AI’s transformative impact. This discussion addresses the essential AI knowledge necessary for C-level executives and business owners to effectively adopt this technology. We also explore the distinct roles of educators and consultants in AI integration and the benefits of outsourcing intelligence through general AI. Additionally, we’ll consider why strategic elimination of certain processes can be beneficial, drawing parallels to common conveniences like dishwashers.

Guest - Gregory La Blank

Lecturer at Berkeley, Stanford, HEC, & Host @ UNSILOED podcast

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 7 - AI strategy beyond the hype - with Christopher Burkhardt

Understanding the useful connection between cognitive science and economics to better understand Artificial Intelligence? The primary challenge lies with human adaptation rather than technology itself. What steps can we take to facilitate the widespread adoption of AI?Many remain skeptical about AI’s potential benefits. How to address critics’ concerns and convince them that AI can improve, rather than worsen, our circumstances? Additionally, what constitutes an effective AI strategy, and why is it essential to have one?

Guest - Christopher Burkhardt

AI Evangelist | Ex Silicon Valley Startup-CEO | TED | 5-times Author

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 8 - Solving the Data Problem in Women’s Health - with Juan Carlos & Ashley Finch

Cercle is building a unique moat with their AI/ML knowledge graph that can both improve clinic/lab EBITDA and match patients to clinical trials at scale like no one else in women’s healthcare. The healthcare Graph, built on anonymized data from 2M+ patients, identifies patterns and profiles at scale for labs, clinics and contract research organizations.

Guest- Juan Carlos

Co-founder & CEO at Cercle

Guests - Ashley Finch

COO Cercle ex Facebook/Meta

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 9 - Why women are key to the future of AI - with Caroline Simard

Join us as we delve into the critical role women play in the future of artificial intelligence. We end with some specific call-to-actions. We’ll kick off the episode with the latest statistics on the representation of women in technical AI roles and investigate why these numbers have shown minimal change over time. Despite the tech industry’s history of innovation and success without significant female participation, we discuss why integrating more women into AI is not just beneficial but essential. What unique perspectives and strengths do women bring to AI, and how can their increased involvement propel the field forward? Finally, we offer actionable advice for our listeners on how they can contribute to and support this important shift in the AI landscape. Tune in to understand the pivotal impact of women in AI and what you can do to make a difference.

Guest - Caroline Simard

Dean Silicon Valley Campus Northeastern University, ex-Managing Director Stanford VMWare Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 10 - Germany vs Silicon Valley: Do all unicorns gallop into the Valley? - with Eva Maria Olbers

Dive into the dynamic world of AI investment across continents with a German investor based in Silicon Valley. Discover recent AI trends that excite venture capitalists and how these have evolved over the past 12-18 months. Learn about the distinctive aspects of the American versus German AI landscapes, including what each can learn from the other. We’ll also discuss key cultural and linguistic differences that influence business operations and strategies. Additionally, get expert advice for German founders looking to raise capital in Silicon Valley. Tune in to bridge the knowledge gap between these two powerhouse ecosystems.

Guest - Eva Maria Olbers

Head of Portfolio Growth @ Premji Invest

This Episode will be available soon.

Episode 11 - AI: The Secular Shift Reshaping Our World - with Lila Tretikov

In this enlightening episode, delve into the transformative power of artificial intelligence as described by NEA’s Tretikov. Explore AI as a nonlinear shift poised to revolutionize every industry, from biology and medicine to climate science and robotics. We discuss how this monumental change is not just technological but secular, affecting our everyday lives and opening new doors to massive breakthroughs in areas previously bound by limitations. Hear how founders are at the forefront of this shift, bringing their passion, capabilities, and resilience to tackle some of the most critical challenges facing our world today. Join us to understand the full scope of AI’s impact and the opportunities it creates for innovation and problem-solving on a global scale.

Guest - Lila Tretikov

NEA Head of AI strategy (formerly Microsoft deputy CTO)

This Episode will be available soon.

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