Transatlantic AI Exchange (TAIX) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) join forces to launch an enduring partnership through an ongoing series of events, discussions, and deep dives into all things Web3!


San Francisco, March 16th, 2023 – TAIX and EIT Hub Silicon Valley are pleased to announce their partnership to accelerate innovation in the AI industry.

The partnership between TAIX and EIT Hub Silicon Valley aims to bridge the gap between Europe and North America by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources backed by a growing number of experts. As a result, startups, researchers, investors, and other stakeholders will benefit from the collaboration and work towards creating a more connected and vibrant AI community.

“We are thrilled to partner with EIT Hub Silicon Valley and work towards creating a more connected and vibrant AI community,” said Thomas Neubert, Founder of TAIX. “This partnership creates the synergy between our deep Silicon Valley and EIT’s European eco-systems accelerating the interactivities of the transatlantic innovation projects. Leveraging our resources supports the growth and development of the AI industry, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.”

“It only rarely happens that we are able to take part in the onset of a new hyper-growth industry,” said Samira G-Curtis, Head of EIT Hub Silicon Valley. “With TAIX and EIT Hub Silicon Valley together, we look forward to bringing a unique European perspective to the evolution and future of this industry. The partnership that we are collaborating on will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, enabling us to work together towards creating a more connected and vibrant AI community.”

The collaboration between TAIX and EIT Hub Silicon Valley will enable participants to access a range of resources, including funding opportunities, mentorship, and networking events. This partnership will also provide the opportunity for participants to share knowledge and expertise through workshops, online/hybrid seminars, and other collaborative initiatives.

ABOUT TAIX TAIX is a platform that aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources in the AI industry between Europe and North America. Through webinars, workshops, conferences, and one-to-one coaching, the Transatlantic AI eXchange fosters exchange on AI and creates the grounds for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and policymakers to build long-term partnerships.


The EIT brings together leading business, education, and research organizations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships. As part of EIT’s Global Outreach program, EIT Hub Silicon Valley was established with the mission to nurture and create synergies with the Silicon Valley startup and innovation ecosystem and support the growth of innovative EU and US start-ups.

We do this through our innovative programs and extensive global network that leverage both economies and empower entrepreneurs and corporates alike to make a societal impact.

Whether you are an industry leader, a governmental body, an academic institution, or an ecosystem player, EIT Hub Silicon Valley offers you the chance to gain access to the leading innovative opportunities and expand your global network.

Contact For more information, please contact:

Thomas Neubert (Founder TAIX) & Samira G-Curtis (Head of EIT Hub Silicon Valley)

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