The story behind our LOGO


The corporate identity for Transatlantic AI eXchange is integration of binary code of 1s and 0s and mathematics symbols which are the foundation of computers. The physical world is built out of ATOMS and AI in its digital form is an extension to the physical world enhancing humankind.
The logo and its symbols and color can be used to communicate the Transatlantic AI eXchange to expand the story of collaboration between Germany and the US around AI.

The corporate identity for Transatlantic AI eXchange is based on the integration of foundational computing and mathematics symbols 1s, 0s, +, -, x and ÷.

A sense of motion comes from the red and yellow arrow pointing towards a new direction, to pull the two dots or two nations from across the Atlantic.
The sculptured symbol promotes the converging of AI technological basis for the exchange between Germany and the US.

Corporate Colors
The colors are based on the German and US flags, are used to harnesses the power of collaboration in an intelligent way.





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